Confidence to move

JEMS, London 2015 Joanne Elphinston, Christine Lamb and I went for a walk in the golden hour.  We walked barefoot.  In a copse of trees, I felt the urge to do a handstand – something I hadn’t done since childhood.  I blurted my intention and then regretted it – I didn’t wish to fail dismally and fall inelegantly in front …

Cultivate a “Listening Foot.”

When we think about an efficient, effortless and sustainable posture, the process has to begin with the soles of our feet.  We must first learn to feel a stable base and connection with the ground through a responsive and flexible foot if we want to feel upright, secure and move effortlessly – at any age…  As Joanne Elphinston simply puts …

Learning from the best

I have just returned from London, where I attended a two day course, delivered by the inspiring Joanne Elphinston, creator of  JEMS: – (Joanne Elphinston Movement Systems.) Joanne Elphinston is an internationally renowned movement specialist. I was inspired to attend her course: “Functional Foundations for Fitness and Wellbeing Professionals”, after her book was recommended to me by her husband and …


I love this video, I hope you do too!

Class starting February 2015

Commencing February 2015 We will meet every Friday evening, from 6.30 – 7.30 pm in The Dance Studio at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Please wear clothing that will allow you to move freely, such as leggings / jogging bottoms and a t- shirt.