Classes in Cardiff

Insole Court, Llandaff

Claire is delighted to offer Pilates & Yoga classes at the newly restored Insole Court, Llandaff.  
Situated in the beautiful courtyard, the classes will run in The Carriage House Hall, which once housed vintage cars belonging to the Insole family.  The Carriage House Hall is a peaceful, serene space with a high ceiling and oak floor.
The classes are suitable for all levels of ability.

Current Class Schedule:

Due to the current Covid-19 rise in cases, I am running an online Movement Ease class from my home, alongside two other physical classes at Insole Court.

The two physical classes are:

  •  A Swiss Ball class, using equipment.
  •  A Movement Ease class.

Both physical classes are currently fully booked, but do get in touch to register your interest –  I can then place you onto a waiting list if you wish.

My Movement Ease online class takes place on a Monday morning, from 10-11am.

These classes bring together Pilates, Yoga and natural, functional movement.  The aim is to learn to move with more ease and less tension.

The Monday online class is further supplemented by a Class Recording, which can be accessed for the whole month to which you have subscribed.  This is useful should you miss a live class and means that you can catch up in your own time.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Cost of Online & Physical Classes:

All classes are £10 per hourly session.  Payment is by monthly subscription for the full calendar month.

For more details,  please contact Claire


Yoga Class Schedule At Insole Court, 2022

Due to the current rise in Covid-19 cases, Yoga classes have not yet resumed at Insole Court.  I will reassess in Spring 2022,  and will publish any changes here.

The classes teach a gentle physical practice, being aware of and attending to, the breath. Our practise will also introduce a short period of meditation and will end with relaxation. As the class progresses, there will be the opportunity to explore Pranayama breath work.

Things to bring with you before commencing classes: Please wear appropriate Yoga/Pilates clothing that enables you to move freely. It is useful to layer clothes, so that you can maintain a comfortable body temperature.

For All Classes:

Claire politely requests that attendees arrive earlier in order to begin the class on time.

Car parking space is available at the venue.


You will also need to bring the following items to each session:

  • Water, to rehydrate
  • A Pilates or Yoga mat
  • Yoga block (if you have one)
  • A small towel

You will also need to bring the following items to each session:

  • Water, to rehydrate
  • A Pilates or Yoga mat
  • A bolster*
  • A blanket*

*A bolster: A bolster is a piece of Yoga equipment. It is a supportive item that is very useful for seated and restorative postures and for supporting joints whilst in stretches. It is often used as a seat for meditation. If you have a pre-existing or current injury, you will need a bolster for the modification of some Yoga postures and stretches. “Yogamatters” have an excellent range to choose from. Please see this link:
*A blanket: The blanket is for maintaining a comfortable body temperature whilst in meditation or relaxation and can also serve as a useful prop whilst in stretches. It needs to be big enough to cover the surface of your mat.