Pilates with Claire-Louise Carter

“Posture is a story you are telling rather than a position you are holding.” – Joanne Elphinston.
In the classes you will explore:
  • Sensing the breath in times of stillness and motion.
  • Moving with better quality and intention.
  • How to improve movement efficacy whilst in the usual and familiar postures:
 Standing, sitting, lying on the back, front or side body.
  • How to carry the body in space whilst maintaining a light and aligned self-carriage.
  • Improving and maintaining: your balance, flexibility, range of movement, strength, enduring strength and spine health.
  • Working towards the attainment of a balanced body that feels good to be in.
  • Cultivating your understanding  in order to “listen” to your own unique body – in order to challenge it or to pull back when needed.

Learn more about Joseph Pilates in this video

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