I was very hesitant about Pilates. Although I was quite fit I was very stiff and my posture needed improving - or was I a lost cause?
I had two 1 to 1 sessions with Claire and found her to be calm, thoughtful and very knowledgeable. Now, two years later I am thoroughly enjoying my Pilates lesson. Claire generates a very professional, peaceful atmosphere which gives you the confidence to improve. She is aware of our individual fitness and attends to all our needs. Apart from the lessons being very beneficial, we have a very happy class - all thanks to the delightful Claire.

Lucille, Cardiff

Claire's pilates class is by far the best I've ever attended. Whereas some Pilates teachers can be rather inflexible, Claire allows every individual in the class to work at their own pace, to their own capacity, and not to feel that they are failing if they don't achieve every exercise perfectly. The classes are very well prepared and Claire is an excellent teacher with a warm and positive delivery. She allows us time to grasp each exercise and to understand what is required without danger of hurting ourselves. I can highly recommend her classes!

Carol, Cardiff

I’ve finally found my class for life!  I love the way Claire professionally brings her natural ability to openly share her depth of wisdom and knowledge to the movements and exercises while engaging the breath, connecting the mind and body in such a calm, supportive way. An absolute gem of an instructor and class

Jacqui, Cardiff

Claire creates a calm friendly atmosphere in her classes. Her knowledge and caring manner support anyone regardless of ability and confidence to grow in strength, flexibility and co-ordination. My 80 year old mother also attends a class as Claire structures sessions to benefit everyone in the group. I can't recommend her highly enough

Kate, Cardiff

Claire’s depth of knowledge, warm personality, and constant encouragement create an atmosphere that inspires confidence in her students. She is a natural teacher, committed to ensuring we all derive maximum benefit from practising Pilates whatever our level of experience or fitness

Diana, Cardiff

I started Pilates classes with Claire when I reached my 60th birthday as I needed to improve my balance and flexibility. Claire is a likeable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher and I am well on my way to achieving my goals. I recommend her to all.

Mike, Cardiff

I went to see Claire for a one to one session several months after a hip replacement operation, to see if she could help me in building up my core stability, posture and overall fitness. Claire took time to carefully assess my needs and suggested some simple but effective gentle exercises to start with - just a small adjustment to how I stand and walk made a huge difference to my stamina and comfort when being active for longer periods. After three one-to-one sessions I joined one of Claire's weekly Pilates classes, which has really helped me to continue to develop my strength and flexibility, all in a calming and friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend Claire to anyone who wants to do the same!

Nicola, Cardiff

I find Claire's Pilates classes so beneficial to my health. She always assesses what aches and pains I have and adjusts the poses to suit. I come away calm, centered and empowered. Claire's calm and caring delivery is perfect!

Sarah, Newport.

Following a major hysterectomy last year I lacked strength, flexibility and most of all confidence in doing much physical activity.
Claire has been wonderful: I had a couple of one-to-one sessions where she took time to listen to me, assess my posture, and then show me how I could exercise safely.
Claire then designed a personal exercise plan for me and advised me to build in a few moves to my daily routine.
A couple of weeks later I felt confident enough to join her Pilates class in Whitchurch. It’s a fun and supportive group, and Claire has even introduced my 81-year old mum to the joys of Pilates.
Claire has helped me transform – I could barely get on the floor when I started, but a few months on, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my posture, core strength and general mood; my joints don’t ache so much and I’m not as stiff as I was. Most of all I’ve enjoyed the personal attention that Claire gives each of us in the class and I know if I have any questions she’s always there to help.

Thank you Claire!

Siân Phipps, Cardiff
(Age 54)

"As a chiropractor I have always understood the importance of good posture and self/body awareness, but it has not always been easy for me to maintain, which is the irony of my physical job! I have been attending Claire’s classes since May 2014 when she started teaching at my clinic, and have enjoyed every second of it. I have been to many different Pilates and Yoga classes over the years and Claire teaches extremely well and is very attentive to her class, I would happily send my patients to her as I know they are in good care. I have also learnt a lot from her, allowing me to better communicate exercises to my patients, and I even got some new ideas for them. Importantly I have felt the massive benefits personally, with improved posture and much less work related tension, and the progression we have made together as a class is really rewarding."

Andrea Howell MChiro D.C.

"I attended Claire’s very first class for beginners and I can honestly say she was a natural from the start. Claire is a positive and confident teacher and engages with all individuals in the class, putting everyone at ease. Her classes have all been well planned and thought out. The classes are just the right pace and she is very clear when teaching us the exercises, making sure we are happy with one level before moving on to the next."

Sarah, Cardiff

"Claire teaches with care and passion enabling her students to feel the full range of benefits that regular Pilates can bring to your life and well being. Highly recommended!"

Pam, Cardiff

"Five weeks ago I started taking Pilates classes with Claire-Louise Carter and the results are amazing. For the first time since having the children, I can walk, exercise and most importantly shop for hours without suffering back pain. Classes are for small groups so you get loads of one to one attention. It’s such a pleasure to be pain free – I can’t recommend her enough."

Clare, Cardiff