Confidence to move

JEMS, London 2015

Joanne Elphinston, Christine Lamb and I went for a walk in the golden hour.  We walked barefoot.  In a copse of trees, I felt the urge to do a handstand – something I hadn’t done since childhood.  I blurted my intention and then regretted it – I didn’t wish to fail dismally and fall inelegantly in front of a beautiful mover.

It was too late – the moment was seized,  everyone full of intention and encouragement and after Joanne demonstrated the springy action required in the knees and flipped up her legs to feel the trunk of the tree with the soles of her feet, I had a go…

And whilst I didn’t assume the effortlessness of a child doing a handstand on a balmy summer’s evening, I did manage to plant my hands into the grass and walk my feet up the trunk.   I felt my hands rooting into the soft grass, taking my weight… and saw the world from another perspective.

To be confident and promote confidence in others is a game-changer:  “Don’t try, just do it…”

Broadcasting a posture that is open, inclusive and positive even when we don’t necessarily feel this way,  is a powerful and self honoring action.

Thanks to Joanne and Ray for their patience and their art – I look forward to what will come next in my JEMS story


Joanne Elphinston in handstand.