What Pilates has given me


About 10 years ago, prompted by a wish to stay fit and by some aches and pains, I took the advice of a physiotherapist friend and joined a Pilates class. I had never been very sporty but I enjoyed walking and gardening and I wanted to continue to do so.

For me, practising Pilates has been an amazing, positive experience.

I feel that I am constantly learning more about my own body and what it is capable of achieving.

As with learning any subject, or skill, getting the basics right is so important. Claire is an excellent teacher who takes time to do this.  She explains and discusses issues and adjusts to the needs of the class.

What has Pilates given me?

Improved posture, greater awareness of my body, better balance.

Improved energy, flexibility and muscle tone, fewer aches and pains.

A supple pelvic floor, an understanding of how to lift heavy household and garden items and, especially,  when to say “No! It’s too heavy!”

The ability to enjoy six mile walks.

A feeling of calm and well-being associated with the exercises themselves and with the breathing techniques used.

A bonus of making new friends, of all ages, in a non-competitive environment, and, laughing at our mistakes!

Every day we subject our bodies to physical and mental stresses.  For me,  Pilates is a lovely way to counteract life’s stresses –  I really miss it if I don’t do it!


–  Christine Daniels